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Apera Beach Bungalow

Apera Beach Bungalow is locally owned by Mr Peter and His Wife Helen. It is located alone the coastal area closed to the sea, and on the western side of the Island were all business activities occur, and it is just 5-10 minutes drive to Lenakel Town and 5 Minutes to Isangle. It's a great way to have a holiday while contributing positively to the locals. Right out the front of Apera beach bungalow are great snorkelling opportunities and stunning sunsets. All tours can be arranged, including the Yasur volcano and Yakel custom village.

Basic Accommodation and Food

Apera Beach Bungalow consists of 5 Standardised bungalows, each able to accommodate 4-5 people all bungalow are self contain. We provide food for our visitors. Lounapkamim area is where we are located it has a store and Lenakel town is not far away. The community can assist, just ask, and our staffs are more happy to help you out with your interest.

Getting there

Bethel Village is about 1 km south of Lenakel, it's an easy walk. If transport is required, truck rides to and from Lenakel cost 500VT, one way.

Visit the Apear Beach Bungalows website.
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