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Set in one of the most idyllic settings, Port Resolution Yacht Club is a community project built for cruising yachts and airline travellers.

Attractions at Port Resolution are the hot springs and freshwater lake by the natural harbour and a white sand beach on the other side of the Port Resolution village. Turtle Bay and Shark Bay are both within walking distance, and Mount Yasur is a 30 minute drive away.

PRNYC is built on an old Presbyterian mission site. Ask the manager Werry (pronounced 'Wary') to show you some of their historical photos and explain the story underneath A.C.P. Watt's gravestone (d. 1894).

You are generally free to visit all attractions around Port Resolution at your leisure. Werry can give you all the advice and directions or arrange a English or French speaking guide.

Local tour operator Enkahi Tours offer day tours to Port Resolution; taking in the lake, hot springs and steam vent with a tasting of local food cooked in the boiling water springs. Kastom tours can also be arranged. Tours can be booked for the morning or afternoon.

Some adventurous people overnight at Sulphur Bay.

Accommodation and Food

There are four bungalows at PRNYC. Each is built of local materials with a locking door and outside hand basins. The beds have mosquito nets. There is a generator for lighting and a refrigerator in the restaurant.

Water is supplied by an elevated tank, filled by a solar powered pump from a water bore.

PRNYC has two shared showers and toilets. Bath towels are provided.

Breakfast is typically bread, sometimes with eggs, and tea or instant coffee. Standard lunches and dinners (fish with rice and local vegetables). Depending on season, you may be able to have lobster. Limited Vanuatu Tusker beer is sold.

The staff are efficient at procuring all sorts of local produce, just ask in advance. The two stores at Port Resolution stock limited supplies so do any shopping before leaving Lenakel. Locally made bread is also available.

Return airport transfers can be arranged.

If you like walking, Port Resolution is two hours walk by road from Mount Yasur. The shortcut to Sulphur Bay and White Sands (Jon Frum road) passes behind Yasur and takes about two and a half hours. Most visitors should be able to find their own way on these two routes or a guide can be provided.

Visit the Port Resolution Yacht Club website.

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