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A newly-built and exciting community project. You can stay in the largest treehouse in Vanuatu and really be part of a local tribe of wonderful people who will make you feel at home. You can also visit for free their Museum of Tanna Culture and Customs and visit the island with their extremely nice guides, who speak both English and French -and work for free!

In this beautiful hilltop with amazing 360 degree views you can have real fun (they will provide you with cold beer!) and you can also learn about Tanna (they have an exceptional collection of books on Tanna and Vanuatu). Chief Yamjiu is one of the most important and respected traditional chiefs on Tanna and he will be very happy to meet you. In the evening they make a fire and you can sit around with them to drink kava or just a beer or a lemon juice.

We are located on the west coast, five minutes away from the capital (by truck) so picking you up and dropping you at the airport is easy and convenient.


Both the treehouse and the bungalows have fantastic seaviews, and all rooms have electricity. There is daily housekeeping and laundry service.

The treehouse was built in 2013 and is hurricane-proof and 100% safe. It has a big room and a smaller room, but both accomodate the same number of people -four. Each one has a double bed and two single beds. It also has a second floor that can accomodate up to seven people, as well as a balcony where you can eat.

There are three bungalows and all three are the same size. Each one has a double bed and a single bed, plus a small table and a chair or two.


Our great chef Tamanu will cook a variety of local meals with fresh produce that you can enjoy (with a cold drink) in our restaurant or outside in the sun or even up on the treehouse balcony -you choose!

Tours and Activities

We have our own pick-up truck to show you around the island and take you wherever you want to go. With us you will not get charged for the tour guides, but transport prices are expensive everywhere on Tanna, and we are no exception in this case. Besides, some touristic sites charge an entry fee (the volcano, the giant banyan, the waterfalls...). That is how it always goes on Tanna, whether they tell you about it in advance or not.

On request, the women of our tribe (Nalakwang) will get together and perform a traditional dance for you, but they will ask for a 1000 Vt contribution as well. Just like the accomodation fees, rest assured that this money is badly needed and will be put to good use (most people in the tribe struggle to pay their children's school fees).

There are, however, several activities which can be extremely interesting and you may not need to pay an entry fee: one can visit the John Frum people or the Glass people, who play, sing and dance their traditional tunes while they receive messages from spirits and are only one hour away from the resort on foot (ten minutes with the pick-up truck). The traditional village of Yakel (a world-famous tribe whose people have rejected all outside influence, including clothes) are also just an hour away from the resort.

You can also go trekking, snorkeling, canoeing, etc. The ocean is less than ten minutes away from the resort on foot. You just need to go down the hill.

The Museum of Tanna showcases the customs and traditional ceremonies of the island and it is right there in the resort. Those who stay at the resort can visit it free of charge.

(678) 5645081 (Jackson, English speaker)
(678) 5903374 (Peterson, English speaker)
(678) 7785313 (Remi Kali, French speaker)

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