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Futuna is an island in the TAFEA province of Vanuatu. It is the easternmost island in the country. It was formed by the uplift of an underwater volcano, which last erupted in the Pleistocene period, at least 11,000 years ago. It reaches a height of 666 m. It is sometimes called West Futuna to distinguish it from the French Futuna Island of Wallis and Futuna. Although it is part of the Melanesian country of Vanuatu it is a Polynesian outlier.


There are 5 villages on Futuna Island:

  • Iasoa
  • Ipao
  • Matin’gi
  • Napoua
  • Mohoun’gha

The main village is Mohoun’gha, in the northwest. Ipao, in the northeast, is just west of the airport. The island has ten regions: Iraro, Itapapa, Itapasiesi, Matangi, Matowei, Nabao, Nariari, Rakaoroa, Serinao, and Tchinaroa. The inhabitants of the island have a style of hymn singing, established by 19th century missionaries, which is distinctive among Pacific islands.

Accommodation Futuna:

Accommodation in Futuna is in village homes – there is no commercial guest house or bungalows. Visitors should bring their own food supplies, beverages and some extra tea, coffee, and sugar that can be left behind as a small gift.

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