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This travel website provides an informative insight to plan your vacation. It will help you discover the history, the people, and the geography of the TAFEA archipelago in order for you to better plan an enjoyable, trouble free and safe holiday in this unique part of the world. TAFEA consists of five tropical islands; one with an active volcano, all with sublime white coral beaches, some with dramatic black sand beaches contrasted against the deep blue sea, and all rising high out of the deep South Pacific Ocean; TAFEA is a land of vast geographical contrast and cultural diversity.

Often called the ‘timeless islands’, Vanuatu is a land that is never raced, never hurried – TAFEA is a gentle, peaceful place where the people and visitors alike can simply take the time to enjoy natures’ blessed land.


Check out the latest TAFEA resort and bungalows features in our TAFEA image library or our video library.

From uncrowded surf on Erromango to trekking the Mt Yasur volcano on Tanna Island – TAFEA is for young and old, backpacking, or soft adventure travellers; from anthropologists to film stars; TAFEA welcomes all, with the spontaneous smile of the Pacific islanders.

Local tour operators will fill your days with interesting outings returning you to your Vanuatu accommodation be it a resort, or beachside bungalow, for that obligatory sunset cocktail, cold "Tusker" beer, or fresh coconut.

Our TAFEA Guide and TAFEA Tours suggestions will tell you all you need to know about TAFEA’s best tourist attractions. Our general Vanuatu information Guide should answer most of your questions on Vanuatu.

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