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About TAFEA and Vanuatu

What is TAFEA?

TAFEA is an acronym for the southernmost province of Vanuatu, taken from the five main island: Tanna, Aneityum, Futuna, Erromango and Aniwa. The main island is Tanna, were 80 percent of the province population live.

When do public holiday take place?

For a list of this year’s public holidays see here.

What is it like to live in Vanuatu?

In 2006 Vanuatu was ranked as one of the happiest places to live. Read more…

What religions are followed in Vanuatu

Vanuatu religious practices are varied, the major religion being Presbyterian. Read more…

What is the currency?

The Vanuatu currency is called the vatu (VT) all major foreign currencies are exchangeable in Vanuatu for Vatu. Read more…

About your holiday in TAFEA

Our Vanautu Country Guide will give you all the information you need before coming to TAFEA. Below are a few quick links to help you quickly find the information you want:

Do I need a visa to visit Vanuatu?

Travellers from the United Kingdom & all Commonwealth countries, Other EU Countries, USA, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea & Japan do not require visas for Vanuatu for stays up to 30 days. Read more…

Who visits Vanuatu?

Australians are our most popular visitors, with around 60,000 Australians visiting Vanuatu each year!. Read more it on the Vanuatu Tourism News blog.

How do I get to Tanna from Port Vila?

You have 4 ways to get to Tanna: Fly Air Vanuatu scheduled flights or fly one of the very busy and efficient privately owned airlines such as Air Taxi or Unity Airlines. There is another option and that is by cargo boat but we do not recommend it as it can take up to 30 hours of seas sickness to arrive at your destination, to fly is by far the fastest and safest way (yes ship sink often in the tropics).

Can I visit a volcano?

Yes! Mount Yasur is known as the most accessible active volcano in the world and is continuously active. Read more…

What is there to do in TAFEA?

Read our fishing, snorkelling and diving guide, with tips on how to enjoy these activities while protecting the environment.

What is there to see in Port Vila?

Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, is a charming pot pourie of cultures, with many tours operators, local produce markets and cafes operating here. Read more…

How can I make the most of my holiday?

Read our Travel Tips page, with information about things to consider before embarking on your holiday in order to minimize avoidable travel hassles later. Read more…

How do I say hello?

“halo”. Vanuatu’s official languages are Bislama, English and French. See our list of common words and phrases to get you started.

What local food and drinks should I try?

From Laplap to Kava, and everything you can do with a coconut, read our guide to Food & Drink in Vanuatu.

Should I tip?

It is not expected nor the custom to tip in Vanuatu; however, gifts are very much appreciated. Read more…

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Some accommodation providers allow payment by credit card, but you may be charged bank fees of 5%. Read more…

What is the weather like?

Vanuatu has all the tropical variances possible. From hot and humid in the north, to mild and dry in the south. Read more…

What should I wear?

Revealing and sexy clothing (especially wearing beach wear in the capital) is not advisable and may be considered disrespectful. Read more…

Is it ok to take photos of the locals?

Many locals love to be photographed, but always ask permission first. Read more…

What can I bring to Vanuatu to help the local people?

In order to raise funds for animal welfare in Port Vila, you can donate books in a number of retail outlets, coffee shops & restaurants. Read more…

How can I remember the culture and nature of Vanuatu long after my holiday has fininshed?

The Culture & Nature of Vanuatu on DVD is available to purchase during your holiday. Read more…

Website Bookings

Who can I contact in case of a problem with my booking?

The best person to speak to or email is us…..the local booking office in the destination where you are travelling. Our name, address and telephone number, plus email, can be found on the Contact Us page of this web site.

Why can it take up to 24 hours to get confirmation of a booking?

We need to call the resort, bungalow or tour company to tell them we have your inquiry and to check to see if they have a room or tour place free. This is where it takes a little time – up to 24 hours to respond.

Also, because TAFEA is in the developing world and many operators are off the beaten track, keeping this up to date is very difficult. Some accommodation providers don’t even have a telephone, so our local office staff have to go to the premises (could be a 6 hr drive there & back) to get bookings confirmed. We apologise for this but there is not a lot we can do in some cases to speed this up. One thing’s for sure: if our office can’t secure a booking for you in TAFEA, nobody can!

The History of Vanuatu

How can I learn about the History, Culture and Traditions of Vanuatu

The earliest ancestors of Oceanian peoples were probably living at least 75,000 years ago in South East Asia. Read more…

When did Captain Cook visit Vanuatu?

Captain James Cook was the first European to come to Tanna Island. Read more about his travels…

Travelers & Traders in Vanuatu

Learn about the travelers and traders in Vanuatu here.

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