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The Story of SAM’s

The vet at workA number of years ago an expatriate gentleman passed away, both he and his widow loved animals and recognized that Port Vila was lacking an animal welfare organisation. So when it came time for the funeral, the widow asked that instead of money being spent on floral bouquets it would be collected to save animals in distress. Concerned local expatriates welcomed this initiative, and the goals of an animal welfare group was formed in order to decide how this money would be best spent. It was decided to establish an education program and a de-sexing clinic for animals whose owners (Indigenous people) could not afford to pay for the operation.

In order for these goals to be realized and be sustainable in the long term, more income needed to be generated, thus some of the money from the original amount was used to build donation boxes. These were placed around town and in time the funds become available to establish the education program and the de-sexing clinic. The seed of the strong association that is the SAM’s of today, was born. But what to name this new charity? The gentleman who passed away had had a much-loved dog. That dog’s name was Sam. Thus the association members found it most appropriate in honouring the strong relationship between a man and his beloved pet dog by calling the association: SAM’s.

Who will help this dog?Since then SAM’s has gone from strength to strength. To date SAM’s has de-sexed hundreds of dogs and cats whose owners could not offer to pay for the operation. This has resulted in thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens not being born into a life of suffering. Funding is required to purchase the medicinal requirements. In addition and equally important, SAM’s Education Team has conducted numerous courses on caring & respecting all animal life to over 4000 indigenous and expatriate children and adults since its inception, but it needs funds to continue assisting its volunteers perform this excellent work.

SAM’s Book Exchange

Book exchangeIn order to raise funds, SAM’s have placed donation boxes in a number of Port Vila retail outlets, coffee shops & restaurants. However, one surprisingly successful initiative has been the SAM’s Book Exchange facility at Jill’s Café, this has turned out to be very popular (so much so that SAM’s needs more books!).

So when you go to Vanuatu, bring books with you and donate them to Jill’s Café (they work closely with SAM’s). If you are in need of a book to read then please utilize the exchange facility (honesty basis) at the cafe or contact: Caroline on 678.534 3679, or the Vet Clinic on 678.25702 or email if you require further details on bringing books or veterinary supplies please contact John Nicholls at Tanna Evergreen Resort if you wish to assist animals in the Tafea region and he will be happy to help you.

To see more photos of SAM’s activities go to the Vanuatu Travel web album.

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