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Vanuatu religious practices are varied, although mainstream religions of Christian origins have been the forerunners after their minor earlier setbacks of ending up in the cooking pot. Other arrivals of the “Fire and Brimstone” persuasion have also entrenched themselves in more obscure locations in the outer islands.

In some occasions, NiVanuatu people (especially in the outer islands where traditional “kastom” practices are strong) have cloned western ideologies to their own. One such cult on Tanna Island is led by “Prophet Fred” who has moulded himself to Noah of the bible with an imaginable Ark. 4,000 believers deserted their homes to follow him into the jungle with the promise of eternal life. Some died and many lost their belongings. Overall, the NiVanuatu people are very tolerant and accepting of any religion.

Official religious figures are:

  • Presbyterian (31.4%),
  • Anglican (13.4%),
  • Roman Catholic (13.1%),
  • Seventh-Day Adventist (10.8%),
  • other Christian (13.8%),
  • Indigenous Beliefs (5.6% – (including Jon Frum cargo cult),
  • other (9.6%),
  • none (1%),
  • unspecified (1.3%) – 1999 Census.

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