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Yasur, Tanna

Yasur is known as the most accessible volcano on Earth and is continuously active with frequent powerful explosions and emissions of ash. For most of the time, activity is confined within the deep crater, but on occasions, the volcano enters a more active phase and violent explosions throw up spectacular showers of lava. An interesting ash plain, mostly to the north west of the volcano, surrounded a lake that was created about 670 years ago as a result of land movement from an eruption. In 2000, the lake broke its banks and is now dry except during the monsoonal rains where a river is created cutting its path to the ocean via the John Frum Village.

Marum and Benbow, Ambrym

Marum and Benbow are separate vents within the twelve kilometre wide caldera on the island of Ambrym. These vents are also accessible, but only by a trek lasting several hours. Lakes of lava fill both craters and continuous gas emissions cause the lava to bubble constantly and throw spectacular showers of incandescent magma high in the air.

Mount Garet, Gaua Island

Mount Garet is situated in the large crater lake in which giant eels are found. Volcanic activity raises the temperature in some parts of the lake close to boiling point, though around the edges of the lake the water is cool enough for a refreshing swim.

Lopevi, Lopevi Island

Lopevi is a volcanic cone that rises dramatically out of the sea to a height of 1,400 metres. The volcano has shown little activity during the past ten years and is one of the rare volcanoes of the archipelago not to have a crater.

Lombenben, Ambae

Lombenben volcano is enormous, rising 4,000 metres from the sea bed, 1,500 metres of which is above the sea and in its entirety is the largest volcano in Vanuatu. The volcano is now in a semi active phase, but an evacuation of part of the island in 1995 was implemented when the volcano started rumbling and threatened to erupt. There are two crater lakes, Manaro Voui, or Lake of the Spirits, and Manaro Lakua.

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